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Remote working in Norway

Situation I'm currently contracting under an umbrella company in an EU country and am considering moving to Norway for an as-of-yet still unknown amount of time but likely between 6-12 months. I ...
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Am I responsible for paying the full rent right away before actually viewing the apartment?

I am an international student moving to the UK very soon. I just signed a contract with an apartment (APT1), which requires me to complete the entire payment (for 51 weeks). The date I signed the ...
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Moving from the Netherlands to Spain while temporarily keeping Dutch employment contract for a few months?

My girlfriend and I are currently living in Amsterdam and are planning to move to Spain in February. She has an employment contract with a Dutch company that extends to Aug 2022. Will it be possible ...
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Working remotely for a US employer while in UK with student dependent visa

I am an Indian staying in the UK with a student-dependent visa with a full work permit. A US company wants to hire me to work remotely in the UK as a Software Engineer. They don’t have operations in ...
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Residence/Work Permit for Company Without Germany Subsidiary?

My employer wishes to send me to Berlin for approximately two years in order to complete a project and later establish a presence in the German-Speaking market. They do not, however, wish to create ...
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Quitting a job after signing the contract in Germany

I have completed my Master's in Germany. I have got an offer from a company, which I should accept within 5 days. There is positive feedback from another company, but no offer has been made yet and it ...
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Germany: How to fix typo in rental contract (need correction for dependent-visa)

In October 2020, I signed a rental contract in Berlin, Germany. Unfortunately, I, with the landlord, missed an address typo in the rental agreement. The address should have been building number '5'. ...
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Postdoc in Paris with foreign funding

I am moving to Paris for a postdoc in spring 2021 and I have received funding from Denmark for two years. I am considering whether administering the grant myself or having it administered by INSERM. I ...
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Blue-sky contract negotiations with a small US startup - what to put in there?

I'm an Israeli expat researcher in the Netherlands, and I'm about to get an offer from a tech company based in Texas. The offer will initially be to work remotely, and at some point (probably when/if ...
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Working abroad as a US citizen for a US university

My question is related to contracts when moving abroad as a US citizen working for a US organization (university). Starting September of this year I will be moving to the Netherlands and move in with ...
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Living and working in Turkey and working remotely for a University in Germany

I'm an EU citizen, living and working full time in Turkey. Now, there is a possibility that I could also work remotely for a University in Germany. My question is: Should I pay taxes in Germany for my ...
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Contract Role or Tier 2 in United Kingdom - UK - Which is easier?

I am a Non-EU experienced Software Engineer, and I am planning to move to London for work. I do know that my two options are either Tier 2 or contract roles. For Tier 2: I am a Mid-Senior Software ...
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