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Valid travel purposes between Romania and Croatia during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Can a Romanian citizen move from Romania to Croatia during this pandemic? My girlfriend would come to live with me and stay until the end of the general lockdown. Croatia has laws saying people who ...
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Is a vaccination certificate from India valid in Germany?

I will be moving to Germany from India in September on blue card visa. I'm fully vaccinated with AstraZeneca vaccine. It is sold under the brand name Covishield in India and that's why it is mentioned ...
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Very soon, my PhD starts in UK but UK visa center in Paris is closed. What should I do?

I am a non-EU citizen, currently residing in France. I am supposed to start a PhD on december the 1st in UK. I completed the VISA application and paid all the realted fees (NHS + application fees) ...
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Is there a way for foreign citizens stuck in the US against their own will to obtain a temporary work authorization?

A friend of mine is a citizen of a developing country who originally came to the US to visit their relatives. Their scheduled flight was cancelled in the end of March after their country of origin ...
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J1 visa student left due to COVID

Good evening all! I’m looking for someone to help. I have been in USA (Colorado) on a J1 visa working as a student on placement from Ireland back in 2018. I started in June 2018 and was due to go back ...
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My name is wrong on the NHS COVID Pass

They basically just cut out a piece of my first name. I've only found this reference on how to correct it, but it refers to the NHS app, which I can't install on my phone unless I change the country ...
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Flying to the USA on a tourist visa to get the COVID vaccination

My 52-year-old wife (non-US citizen with valid visa) is talking about flying to Los Angeles along with our 18-year-old (US citizen) so that BOTH can get the one-shot vaccination at Walmart's or ...
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How am I supposed to undergo diagnostics COVID-19 test within three days after entering South Korea?

I read on website of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the USA (mirror): (sorry for the low resolution, that's the original resolution...) How am I supposed to undergo diagnostics COVID-19 test ...
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Can I get a Canadian Student permit (visa) during covid-19?

I am a Yemeni citizen who applied for university in Canada of the spring term and got accepted and then I applied for the Canadian work permit or visa on 7th of March 2020 , and then they requested ...
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