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Does a U.S. citizen have to give up his credit cards and bank accounts when he moves abroad?

Credit card applications usually say "must be a U.S. resident". If a U.S. citizen moves abroad temporarily, and he doesn't want to use his friends' or relatives' U.S. addresses to get his mail, and ...
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How can I find an affordable first credit card in Mexico?

I'm a US Citizen, now living in Mexico. I would like to find an affordable Mexican credit card, but I have no Mexican credit. What are my options?
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Can I apply for a secured credit card in the USA as a non-resident (currently adjusting status)?

I am thinking of getting a secured credit card as per reading this on the stack. My question is will I get one as a K-1 visa holder who has filed to Adjust Status to a Permanent Resident (Green Card)?...
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European in USA for 6 years, but with NO credit history in the USA. What's the procedure to follow?

I have been reading multiple posts but I cannot find a comprehensive answer to my questions. I am European and I have lived in the USA for about 6 years in the last 9 years. I never had a credit card, ...
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Cash back credit cards in the Netherlands? [closed]

Is there any credit card issuer in the NL where I can have some cash back? Cash back credit/debit cards are such that award customers an occasional rebate equal to a percentage of their purchases. It'...
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Credit score for immigrants from SA to Us [duplicate]

We are looking to immigrate to the US. I know to get a lease or any kind of credit you need a credit score. We do have relatives but not directly and I feel like asking them to sign surety is a bit ...
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How to get a secured credit card in USA as foreigner? [closed]

I am thinking to move to USA and understand that i would ideally need a good credit history to get a decent mortgage loan. There are some answers regarding getting a "Secured Credit Card". Can i know ...
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Credit card - "building credit" and applying for cards

So, I have been approved for a global transfer of my AMEX card from the UK to the US and I know it will take time to build credit rating/scoring. I am also wondering if it is as good idea to apply for ...
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