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For questions regarding Croatia

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How can I bring my non-EU girlfriend to Austria?

My Filipino girlfriend is currently staying in Croatia. She was allowed to enter the EU and work in Croatia based on a work permit in 2023. Due to bad luck (stolen passport and ID card on the day she ...
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Can I claim Croatian citizenship by descent if my mother left Croatia before it became independent?

My mother was born in Rijeka, currently in Croatia, and held citizenship while under Yugoslavia. She then emigrated to the US before Croatia gained its independence. Do the laws regarding citizenship ...
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Bringing non-EU unmarried partner while on a Blue Card in Croatia

I am a non-EU citizen, not married, but in a longterm relationship with another non-EU person. I am currently in process of recruited in Croatia with EU Blue Card I have these following questions: Is ...
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Working remote for a French company as a non-EU spouse of a EU citizen in Croatia

I was just wondering is it possible to work fully remote for a French company while on a spousal residence in Croatia as a non-EU spouse of an EU citizen, without the need for a French work permit. ...
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Can I visit Croatia (as non-European resident) with a Schengen visa?

I am doing volunteer work in Germany, and I want to go to Croatia on summer vacations. I have a Schengen visa. Is that enough for me to visit Croatia?
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Enter Croatia with "Temporary Residence Permit" of France

Up to March I had a 5 Year Schengen Visa, which the local French prefecture extended with a 3 months "Temporary Residence Permit" due to current circumstances. I am a South African Citizen ...
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Is it possible to obtain Croatian citizenship simply by birth?

My partner was born in Yugoslavia. Today that city is a part of Croatia. Both their parents were both born in Bosnia. Is it possible for them to still obtain Croatian citizenship given these ...
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