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WeChat to GBP or USD?

I have several thousand CNY in WeChat. I'd like to convert it to either GBP or USD. Do any expats have experience with this or know of any methods?
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Best way to take money from USA to Italy

I am in USA on temporary immigration status and I got an opportunity to move to Italy. I have saved up some money and I would like to use this money in Italy. There is a chance that I might return to ...
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When UKBA say exchange rate for savings of £62500 has to match the amount in £ on the date of the application...what does it mean?

When UKBA say exchange rate for savings of £62500 has to match the amount in £ if the savings are in foreign currency, on the date of the application...what does it mean? Is it the date I submit my ...
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Exchanging a substantial amount of Euros into US dollars

I'm moving from the Netherlands to the US for a long stay. Therefore I sold most of my belongings in Europe and now have a decent amount of money in my dutch bank account. I would like to make use of ...
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How to determine the fees when using a Dutch bank card overseas? [closed]

I want to use my Netherlands credit card overseas, to withdraw money in local currency in some non-European states (specifically: USA, Israel). What are, or how do I determine, the (typical) fees and ...
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Working abroad, get paid in USD or GBP?

I am going to work abroad and be paid by a US organization. They are paying into my UK bank account which charges £6 for receiving a foreign payment. I have the option of being paid in USD or another ...
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As a legal foreigner, how I can open a US dollar bank account in Chile?

Is it possible to open a bank account in Chile with with US dollars as currency?
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How to find the best place for currency exchange in the UK?

I've recently moved to London and brought some foreign currency (namely, US dollars) in cash with me. What would be the best place to exchange these for pounds? I'll open a bank account soon, but I'm ...
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Where to encash American check in Australia?

Where/How can I encash a US Treasury check in Australia ? Of course, for the least fee.
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Options to bring money when arriving in a new country

When one settles in a new country for a new job/life, what are the possible methods to bring in enough money to start, and what is their relative cost? I think the same kind of problems appears no ...
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