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Iranian/Danish dual citizen going from Denmark to USA to study

I was born in Iran and moved to Denmark. I have a Iranian Passport, Danish passport, and Danish citizenship. I study at a Danish university, and I want to go to USA to study. However, I'm worried that ...
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Will my Danish residency permit be revoked if I end my Danish researcher's position earlier and if not, will it allow me to work outside Denmark?

I'm non-EU citizen doing a postdoc at a US university, and I'm not from one of the countries with a relatively strong passport. My goal is to get a job in a EU country that issues a Blue Card and ...
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Minimum IELTS score for Danish immigration [closed]

As per this link, it requires to have IELTS score 6.5 to gain 20 points. There is no clear information about overall band score or score per ability. Is it the overall band score 6.5 ? or Is it ...
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Am I eligible to the US green card lottery program?

I would like to apply for the US green card lottery program. I was born in India but currently hold Danish citizenship. Am I eligible for the green card lottery program?
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