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Questions about visas that are derived from someone else's visa. For instance, a spouse, child, or parent visa.

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Is it possible to switch from tourist visa to other status while in Japan?

I am looking for academic jobs and Japan came up as one potential possibility. I am in the USA now and my visa is tied to my work here, meaning that when my appointment is up, I need to leave. There ...
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Which visa type and subtype should I use when applying for a UK Ancestry dependent visa?

I am a South African citizen. My wife can apply for a UK Ancestry visa and my child and I would like to apply as UK Ancestry dependents. Please not that this is for a dependent visa application*, not ...
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Renewing J-1 and J-2 visas

I'm a French citizen living in the USA, with my wife and our two children (who are French as well). I have a J1 Visa (Research Scholar) expiring the 30th of September 2016. My employer offered to ...
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Would my infant daughter born in UK need a TB screening test to return to UK?

My daughter was born in UK in Fenruary 2018. She left UK on 25 April 2018 with her mother to go back home to Pakistan. I am now applying for her visa to join me in March 2019. Would she need to get ...
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Tier 4 dependent visa refused - Administrative review guidance needed

I have been doing my PhD from Newcastle university since 2013. I got married in October 2016. I went back to Pakistan to get married and stayed until December and then came back to finish my PhD. ...
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Dependent visa for France

I'm Swathi and recently entered France on a student visa, for a 2 year program. The visa is for one year only and then I'll need to extend my stay. I want to know if my spouse can join me in France ...
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UK visa: "Are your partner or children applying with you?". Yes or No if my partner will only join later?

I am currently applying for a UK visa. My partner is planning to join me in future as a dependant, but is not going to apply right now (probably not this year). On the online application form there is ...
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British Spouse visa for South African citizen

I am British citizen resident in Zimbabwe and am marrying a South African citizen and would like to know: if we can get married in the UK? what visa would my intended spouse need to get into the UK?...
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Dependent Child can sponsor wife for UK family visa?

My father has Italian nationality and is living in pre-settled status in UK. I am nearly 30 of age, and I received pre-settled status as a dependent child under EEA regulation 2016. My baby received ...
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Applying as Dependant on UK Skilled Worker Visa

I am applying in Skilled Worker Visa for UK. I am an Indian Citizen. My wife and child (3 months old) will also be coming to UK with me and hence will be required visas also. This official page states ...
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