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Questions tagged [dual-citizenship]

For questions pertaining to holding two forms of citizenship - i.e., where one is a citizen of two countries and is eligible for passports of both said countries. See also [multiple-citizenship].

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3 answers

Do Italian Citizens living abroad have to pay taxes to Italy?

I am currently a US citizen/resident, who found out that I can acquire Italian Citizenship jure sanguinis. Before I actually go through with this, I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be burdening myself, ...
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Do any countries allow most cases of dual citizenship, yet somehow restrict triple citizenship?

Are there any countries in the world that, in the general case, act to restrict or discourage triple citizenship, but not dual citizenship? That is, is there a country for which the following are ...
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Leaving Australia as a dual national but without an Australian passport

My children and I will soon be Australian dual nationals. My wife insists that some of her friends in a similar situation have never bothered applying for Australian passports for their kids: instead, ...
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Born abroad to a British mother, can I get British citizenship?

I was born in the USA in 1992 to an American father and a Scottish Mother. My father married my mother in 1978 and moved here to USA in 1991, the rest of all my siblings were born in Scotland and have ...
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Acquiring Dutch Nationality

My father was born in the Netherlands, moved to SA in 1959, but became a South African citizen before I was born in 1967. My son (27), however, wishes to apply for Dutch citizenship. Is this at all ...
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Does derivation of US citizenship through parents' naturalization cause loss of German citizenship?

This question is about eligibility for German/US dual citizenship when a minor acquires US citizenship at the time that his parents naturalize. Suppose a child is born outside of the United States to ...
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Dutch dual citizens' loss of Dutch citizenship — can it be avoided if married to a UN employee?

A Dutch citizen who is also a citizen of another country will lose Dutch nationality after living outside the Kingdom of the Netherlands or the EU for ten years. The ten-year clock can be reset by, ...
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Can an EU citizen move to another EU country to work remotely at a job not in the EU?

If I were a dual citizen of the United States and Italy and had a job in the Untied States that I could perform remotely, could I move to an EU country other than Italy and work remotely for the U.S. ...
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What is the process to cancel my child's Chinese citizenship?

My child is born in Macau, I am Australian, and my wife is from Mainland China. My children by law can not be Macanese citizens or residents as neither the mother nor the father has Macanese ...
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Since when has Germany allowed naturalization in other EU countries without loss of German citizenship?

Germany now allows its citizens to acquire the citizenship of other EU countries without losing their German citizenship. For how long has this been the case?
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Request for French Nationality

My father had a French passport. His nationality in the passport was French. My family and I live in Yemen currently. Now after the death of my father, are I, my brother and my sisters eligible to ...
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Recognizing French nationality through my mother

Thank you ahead of time for reading this and helping me understand if I can claim French nationality for me and potentially my children through my mother's nationality. I've read a number of the ...
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What happens to a Chinese-born citizen who acquires American citizenship by their parents naturalizing?

I was reading up on Chinese nationality law about dual citizenship. I noticed the law states: Article 9: Any Chinese national who has settled abroad and who has been naturalized as a foreign ...
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What problems can having 2 passports with 2 different first names cause?

Assume one has 2 passports: A US passport with first name "Robert" and last name "Balladur". A French passport with first names "Robert Paul Etienne" and last name "...
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How to renew passport when I can’t reveal my dual nationality

I have a question regarding how to renew a passport in a third part country when I don’t have the right status: I have a L1 from Country A and entered the USA on it while I’m in the USA, I want to ...
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