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CPT / OPT Second Degree

I am about to finish my masters in healthcare (NON-STEM) and planning to go for second master's degree in IT (STEM) without using the present elective OPT period. Can I use the OPT period of first ...
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How do I get an MEA attestation on my educational certificates?

I am looking for Ministry of External Affairs attestation for my educational certificates in India. Can Anyone guide me through the procedure of MEA Attestation?
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Cerebral palsy and IELTS

I'm suffering from Cerebral palsy and I want to participate in IELTS exam, but as I have certain problems like: missing the lines while reading, being slow in writing and having spasm attacks during ...
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Multiple entry ED Visa in Thailand

I am wishing to apply for an ED visa, for legitimate interest in studying the language. However, I have the need to exit Thailand briefly, maybe two or three times within the study year. The school is ...
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Extension of stay in Thailand [closed]

What are the requirements for getting a 90-day extension? Or are there no requirements, other than showing up and paying? What is the maximum extension allowed on an education visa?
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