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Questions regarding obtaining or validating one's education in a foreign country.

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2 answers

Do I need a degree in IT to apply for an EU Blue Card as a software engineer or is any degree enough?

I am software engineer with 5 years of experience in Russia, have a Degree in Civil Engineering and want try to apply to the Blue Card program (country I am most interested is Germany). I have read ...
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4 votes
3 answers

What's my degree worth in Germany?

I'm looking to apply for a YMA and hopefully work in my field in Germany. I have a Canadian Bachelor's in Software Engineering and I'm trying to find out what the specifics are for that field in ...
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2 answers

School options for a non-German

We came to Munich 2 months back. We approached Realschule and Gymnasium, and both refused to take our 8-year old as she did not speak German. Only option left was Hauptschule, which I read from ...
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