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Questions regarding issues specific to citizens of Egypt.

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How to earn a Romanian residence permit for long distance relationship issues

I have an Egyptian passport and have been in a long distance relationship for three years with a woman from Romania. I have a German residence permit expiring next year which allowed me to go see her ...
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I am a gay Egyptian who got a job offer in Germany and want to bring my Egyptian boyfriend with me

I am an Egyptian who got a decent job offer in Stuttgart. I have been with my boyfriend for three years now. Unfortunately, in Egypt, being gay is illegal and not accepted at all by society and we ...
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Father's approval for UK Tier 2 dependent visa for my 2-month old baby

I am the main tier 2 applicant, I have a two-month old baby. He is my dependent. I live inEgypt, my husband lives in gulf. We are not divorced but he is absent from our life. He included in marriage ...
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Fingerprints not Taken for Spanish Long Term Visa

I applied for Spanish long term visa for study purpose. In the application day the officer took my papers then they took a picture of me (using their installed camera). There was a fingerprint machine ...
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same sex marraige egyptian and german immigration

I and my girlfriend are thinking to get married in Germany. We are homosexual. In my country Egypt, that kind of marriage is not recognized by law and it can me be really dangerous for my life. All I ...
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number of entries using blue card for my home country

I am an Egyptian and I am blue card holder from Germany. How many time I can go to my home country and return back to Germany per year using national visa? And the blue card, is there any limits, ...
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If husband is Egyptian, and wife is an Australian and Thai dual national, can our child hold these three citizenships?

If the husband is Egyptian and the wife is an Australian and Thai dual citizen, can our child hold these three citizenships?
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German Blue Card Work Visa

I am Egyptian and I am trying to relocate to Germany and to get a Blue Card work visa. I have all my papers ready, as well as a job offer. In my country, the German Embassy is overloaded, so it means ...
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Am I allowed to marry while travelling to Bulgaria on a tourist visa

I am a citizen of Egypt. Would I be allowed to get married in Bulgaria while visiting Bulgaria on a tourist visa? If it matters, my fiancée is Bulgarian. what will be easier to marry her in Egypt or ...
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Am I entitled to benefit from the Egypt-US tax treaty?

I applied to the tax treaty between the US and Egypt under article 22 for the years 2012 and 2013. This is because I find the following conditions apply: I was a resident in Egypt before I came to ...
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Apply for Bulgarian residence permit after marrying a Bulgarian woman? [closed]

I have a Bulgarian girlfriend and we are going to marry but am now in Egypt. What's the best solution to go to Bulgaria and marry her or she come to Egypt and then apply for D visa and then travel to ...
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I got a job offer in Germany. Can I bring my family with me at the same time?

I got a job offer in Germany, and I have an apartment for me and my family (wife and son) - offered by the company. The question is: Can I apply for a national visa (long-stay) for me and my family ...
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Bulgarian residency

I am an Egyptian currently in Bulgaria with a "cultural exchange" visa. I want to marry my Bulgarian girlfriend. I don't know where should I go or what will be the procedures? Should we marry here or ...