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I'm leaving Germany for 5 months on Erasmus exchange, how can I have unemployment benefits and insurance paid?

My contract will be over in February, because I will move to Portugal to begin my ERASMUS mobility. I need to know how can I receive unemployment benefits (I will have worked on a contract for 24 ...
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How to stay in the UK after the exchange program?

I'm going as a university exchange student to the UK (to Bradford University) for 6 months. The program I'm participating is the Erasmus+. The visa I'm applying for is a short-term student visa. ...
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Is it possible to get "autorisation provisoire de séjour" (APS) after leaving France?

I am an Indian citizen currently enrolled in an Erasmus Mundus MSc 2 year program. Under this program I have to study in 2 different European countries for 1 year each. The MSc program consists of ...
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Financial aid while studying in France

I am going to study in Paris for a year (Erasmus). My sending institution will cover some part of my expenses but until I am able to find a job I will be living off my savings. Are there any ...
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Is EHIC card enough for Erasmus students in Germany?

A friend of mine is going on exchange under the Erasmus programme in Germany. She is a EU-citizen and has EHIC card. Does she need another health insurance or is the EHIC card enough for her stay?
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