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Electronic System for Travel Authorization for international travelers seeking to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP)

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Europeans expats who own an online business - how did you go about getting a USA visa?

I'm a EU citizen and want to live in USA for a few years. ESTA is only for 3 months however and I'm guessing I can't just hop out of the country for a week and then return indefinitely. I have ...
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How to arrive in the US more than 10 days before my job starts?

I have a job offer from a US company who will sponsor me for the H1B visa. The visa condition states than I cannot enter until 10 days before the start of my job. I have a family and will need more ...
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Is the ESTA still valid after receiving F1 visa?

I have visited the US for a couple of days in 2018 under the Visa Waiver Program, after obtaining an ESTA. Afterwards, I became a student and got a F1 visa. Now, I've left the US after withdrawing ...
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