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Family member of an European Union citizen (spouse/partner, dependent children (grandchildren etc.) under 21 and parents (grandparents etc.))

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Can any country in Europe issue non-EU citizen a permit for family reunification if the non-EU citizen has expired residence from a member state?

I applied for a permit to stay in the Netherlands with my wife, I was previously studying in Budapest and we married here in Netherlands. We applied for the permit a month before my resident permit ...
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Can a third country national of an EU citizen who is holding a residence permit for a member state, work remotely for another Schengen member state?

I am a third country national, spouse of an EU citizen, living in the member state from where my spouse is, for over a year. I have a residence permit for family reunification with EU national, which ...
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Is the appointment in the office of National Police in Passeig Sant Joan, Barcelona the only option for my wife?

My wife came to Spain in late 2022 (then not yet married to me) from the North of Africa as she got granted a student visa to study Spanish in one of the private schools of Spain. She was assigned a ...
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Aquiring a Dutch Passport - married for 30 years

My husband of 30 years has a Dutch Passport, my two sons as well. We lived in The Netherlands from October 1992 - September 1995. We went back to South Africa in 1995. Can I apply for a Dutch ...
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As a non-EU citizen can I get a resident permit via my EU citizen partner in a third EU country?

I am a non-EU citizen and I am living in Belgium via my work visa. I also have a non-Belgian, EU citizen partner that we are living together for 2 years. We both like Belgium and in 2 years I can ...
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