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For questions about the Express Entry selection system for getting qualified workers into Canada. Use together with the [canada] tag.

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What will be my NOC for these job duties

I am applying for Express Entry Canada. I need to find my NOC Code but cannot find a title that matches my job duties, which are as follows: In the job, I was given some data in Excel files about the ...
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Filling BSF186 and BSF186a for first landing as a Canadian PR under express entry

Should I carry filled BSF186 and BSF186a forms myself? Is it mandatory? or can I just carry my own excel list with details? Can BSF186 alone be used for both "Goods accompanying" and "Goods to follow" ...
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Time frame for PR application with job offer for Canada

I have an express entry profile with 435 points. Now I have received a job offer. The company said they can arrange a working visa (2years) and that they can help apply for PR once I started working. ...
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