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Questions regarding emigrating from, immigrating to and living in Finland.

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Moving to Portugal while my wife has stayed in Schengen area for more than 3 months on the basis of a pending residency permit application in Finland?

I have following situation: Finnish migration office will take close to two years to process a residency application, while we want to move away to Portugal. But due to staying in Finland (Schengen ...
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Emigrating to Finland without a job

I will (hopefully) finish my PhD by the end of the year and want to emigrate to Finland to live and work there. However my current rental contract ends July 31st. Before I start looking for a short ...
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Finnish Permanent residence permit to use in Sweden

I have a Finnish permenant residence permit. I intend to go to live and work in Sweden. For that purpose I have contacted the Swedish immigration office. They informed me that in order to have a right ...
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Indian Getting married in Europe and dependent visa complication work permit in different country

I currently hold a work permit in finland via my current Indian employer. And my fiance currently holds a blue card in Germany. we had plan to get married this year in India but due to covid situation ...
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Changing employment and country with Finnish Blue Card

I am holding EU Blue card from Finland for more than 18 months. I got a job offer from Germany and I satisfy the requirements of Blue Card from Germany. As a specific condition my future company wants ...
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Is it possible to apply Schengen visa type C(90 days) with one way flight and apply Temporary residence permit at the arrival destination?

I'm going to study Master degree in Estonia start from 27 August 2018 which I have got all the document to apply for Visa (letter of university acceptance and dormitory contract of 1 year) but ...
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Can I keep my family in Germany and work in Finland on a work permit?

I have a residence permit (not a blue card) of Germany until January 2018, and the Rathaus has given me a Fiktionsbescheinigung until May 2018, waiting for me to submit a new contract. Now I have a ...
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Should a non EU student with an EU state study visa still apply for a study visa of another EU country?

I am a South Korean university student studying in Finland holding a Finnish student visa. I am going to Portugal for Erasmus semester and will be staying there for 4 months. Should I obtain a ...
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Can I apply for residency permit in Finland on a Schengen Visa? [closed]

Actually I'm a startup founder from Pakistan and my team will be joining an accelerator program in Finland this Fall, which is hardly 1.5 months. Now the problem is that there is NO Finnish Embassy ...
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I have a "D-type" German student visa. Is it possible to study in Finland and get the residence permit for Finland?

Being an international (Pakistani) Postgraduate student, I have just received my German study visa “Type D” (for 90days). I will be coming to Germany in start of August. Then I applied for another ...
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Long-term visits to other Schengen countries for US residents

I'm an American working in Finland. This Fall, I'll be in Germany from Sept.–Jan. for work. Since it's longer than 3 months, I know that I need to register my local address. Do I also need to do ...
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How to renew European driving license in Finland?

I am from Spain and currently living in Finland. I would guess that renewing the driving license should be fairly simple as it is valid through Europe without any trouble. Though, I wonder what is the ...
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Moving to France, American resident (Finnish Citizen who has never lived there)

I know I can technically move to France, but since I have not been living in the EU- is there anything I need to be aware of? For example, how to register as a resident, how to obtain public health ...
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Van rental service for a move inside Nordic countries from Finland to Norway?

My studies require moving from one university to another. The distance is not that long from Helsinki to Oslo but most car renting firms are not renting car here for abroad trips. Which van renting ...
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