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Questions tagged [h4-visa]

A temporary visa issued by the United States to dependents of existing H visa holders.

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My wife had SSN, but now on H4 visa - Replacement card or equivalent required

My wife had SSN whilst she was working here on H1 10 years back, but now she is here on H4 visa. She has her SSN number, but not the card. Can she apply for replacement card on H4 or is ITIN required?...
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H4 visa expiry before reach USA

My spouse is currently holding H1B and is going to expire in coming Nov 30th. And have plan to apply extension along with H4 visa. I am currently holding H4 and staying in outside USA. My question ...
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Do applicant and dependents have to go together to the consulate (US Embassy)?

I've got an offer from US employer. I will be going to the US on H1B with my wife and kids since they are dependents. Are we all getting the visa approval together? They will be getting an H4 visa ...
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What is the latest by which to apply for H4

My H1 expires in Sep 2018 and I am getting married in Feb 2018. What is the latest by which I can apply for my wife's H4? What is the latest by which she can safely enter the USA?
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Can H4 visa holder travel with new name over passport

My wife is currently in India and her name is wrongly printed on her passport. Passport: Firstname = ABC DEF Surname = Blank H4 visa: Firstname = FNU Surname = ABC DEF Now, since she is in India, ...
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How long I can legally stay in US with H4?

My spouse has a US H1 visa stamped until 2018. I have the H4 stamped until 2018. I reached US recently and at the port of entry, the seal that was put says "admit until end September 2016". Is it ...
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