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When trying to rent in France, what is this "dossier" I keep hearing about, and how do I get/produce one?

I've just started researching how to rent in France, and I've found a few references to needing something called a "dossier". When I've mentioned to a someone French where I was planning to move to, ...
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Netherlands - How can I avoid paying contract costs to real estate agency?

I have been searching for apartments in Rotterdam and I recently decided for one. I contacted the real estate agency and we agreed on the rental conditions, but they are asking me 350€ + VAT for ...
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Must have bought or leased before applying for entry? [closed]

I'm tagging this Spain, but I suspect they're not the only country doing this. Three-page info sheet on visa application for long-stay includes: Only applications IN PERSON are accepted … … ...
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