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Questions tagged [immigration]

Questions about immigration rules and procedures.

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Where do I ask for a verification of de-registration?

After living in the Netherlands for several years (and being pretty active on expats.SX as well...) - I've left, earlier this year. Now, I've de-registered myself as a resident, by filing a ...
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Is it possible to enter Canada again after being given removal order?

I was a student in Canada from 2014-2016, I deserted college program in 2015 due to severe depression and couldn't continue the program but I stayed back in Canada till mid 2016 without knowing I ...
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Quebec skilled worker program 2015

I had been through the newsletter about QSWP program that is yet to launch in month of April, 2015. As per the selection factors given here, below is my score chart as single applicant, Education: 12 ...
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If I have a UK residence card, can I move to Italy?

If I have a UK residence card, as it has almost no requirments for me to obtain, with my husband being Italian, can we move to Italy permanently?
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Why is moving to the US easier for some foreigners and harder for others? [closed]

I was travelling in the US and saw a lot of foreign people from countries like Mexico, Israel, China and India who don't have any specific academic degree and don't speak English properly. They ...
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Received an I-797C with no "Access Code"?

I recently received the I-797c's for my I-131, I-765, and I-485. None of these had access codes printed on them. When I go to link these into my wife's USCIS it asks for an access code. Where do I ...
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Can I create a website with no-profit at the moment with the F-2 visa status?

Consider a person comes to the US with an F-2 visa status and has a plan to get his/her green card in the next year, but at the moment he/she likes to start a commercial website or mobile app but for ...
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Can I travel to and from United States after filing for I-130

I am filing for my parents I-130 when they are in the United States. I am not going for adjustment of status. Instead of doing that, I am going for consular filing. This is because they do not want to ...
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