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Canadian temporarily importing US registered car to Canada

I am a Canadian citizen spending the majority of my time living in the US in F1 (student) status. I plan to purchase a car, and would like to be able to drive it back to Canada in order to visit my ...
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Custom Duties and Tax on Used Household Goods into Spain

Can anyone please provide up to date information regarding the import of (used for over 6 months) household goods into Spain from the UK now we have left the EU? I'm being told that it's up to 33% of ...
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Taxes when importing a new car from Spain into France

I'm about to purchase a new car. I am spanish, but I live in France (and I'm still learning the language, which means I have a hard time reading the french government websites that cannot pass thought ...
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Reverse incomplete car importation before car is registered and ownership is transferred

My brother (Canadian) wanted to give me his car so he drove to the US (I'm American) and went to the CBP to import the car to the US. The title was, and still is, in his name (I was not involved in ...
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Driving/Importing a Gibraltar-registered car in the UK

I took my UK registered car to Gibraltar in 2016 and had to register it there - import it to Gibraltar - as we had planned to stay for several years. I am a UK citizen and we kept a property in the ...
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Bringing diamond jewellery to Canada

I have a permanent residency in Canada. I want to bring 3 pieces of diamond jewelry with me when I move costing 3000, 7000 and 11000 Canadian dollar. How much duty will I have to pay?
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How to send/receive a used phone from USA to Europe, what about duties and tax? [closed]

A friend from the United States wants to give me a used phone, free of charge. The only cost that I should be concerned with are the duties/VAT, I think (Poland). How should we send/declare the ...
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Taking alcohol to Pennsylvania when relocating from outside the US

I'm moving to Pennsylvania in the US from abroad and own a somewhat-valuable collection of alcohol which I would be bringing with me. Most of the (labeled) bottles are not sealed, so I am tentatively ...
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How do I import a vehicle from outside the EU to the UK?

Do I need to de-register my motorcycle in my home country, outside the EU, before I can bring it to the UK, register it, and get a UK number plate? Or, can I freely travel by my bike to the UK with ...
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Australian immigration long-stay 457 visa - do we need to pay tax on our engagement ring?

We'll be moving from the UK to Australia later this year, on a long-stay 457 visa which has been granted for 4 years. My fiancée will be moving with me, and we'll be getting married at some point ...
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Importing used car from Italy, how to get export plates

I'm planning to buy a used car in Italy and export it to another EU state, and am wondering how to register the car to take it home. The regular way (for residents) is to go to a studio di consulenza ...
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VAT on imported personal effects in Spain

Has anybody ever dealt with Spanish Customs for importing personal effects? I have a shipping company in Barcelona trying to charge me 1300eur for VAT, even though my understanding is that personal ...
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importing a car from Spain to Georgia (country)

for example, a turkish citizen living in georgia (country) will import a car from Spain to georgia (country). the car will come via Hungary to have the Hungarian export registration number plates ...
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Importing used car form India to Australia

I am planning to move from India to Australia temporarily (4-5 years). I have a used car in India (about 5-6 months old). I would like to know whether I can import it to Australia?. Its a hatchback by ...
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What are the laws and the tax regulation when importing goods into Spain

If someone could at least point me to the right website where the information resides is good enough. I'm from Brazil and I used to buy a lot of things from China, US, UK. Now I'm leaving in Spain ...
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Drive American car with American plates go the UK

I want to drive my car from Italy to my house in London but I have still american plates and in Italy I had never problems with that! However, the information on website is so confusing because ...
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Are Turkey's customs fees for international mail high?

I had someone send me a valuable but small item from my old home in the States, to Turkey. I had them insure it for $1000 and the postage cost them $50. When it arrived today in Turkey, PTT (mail ...
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