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How do I import a vehicle from outside the EU to the UK?

Do I need to de-register my motorcycle in my home country, outside the EU, before I can bring it to the UK, register it, and get a UK number plate? Or, can I freely travel by my bike to the UK with ...
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Canadian temporarily importing US registered car to Canada

I am a Canadian citizen spending the majority of my time living in the US in F1 (student) status. I plan to purchase a car, and would like to be able to drive it back to Canada in order to visit my ...
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Taking alcohol to Pennsylvania when relocating from outside the US

I'm moving to Pennsylvania in the US from abroad and own a somewhat-valuable collection of alcohol which I would be bringing with me. Most of the (labeled) bottles are not sealed, so I am tentatively ...
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importing a car from Spain to Georgia (country)

for example, a turkish citizen living in georgia (country) will import a car from Spain to georgia (country). the car will come via Hungary to have the Hungarian export registration number plates ...
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Custom Duties and Tax on Used Household Goods into Spain

Can anyone please provide up to date information regarding the import of (used for over 6 months) household goods into Spain from the UK now we have left the EU? I'm being told that it's up to 33% of ...
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