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Is it possible to change your name while applying for a Green Card in the US?

Is it possible to get a Green Card with a different name of your current name? Or change it as soon as getting the Green Card? I am on F-1 student visa in the US and want to apply for an EB-2/NIW/...
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Interests on "caution deposit" for rental in Germany

Does the tenant of a flat have any rights on the interests matured on the "caution deposit" or do they belong to the landlord? If yes, according to what percentage should the interests be calculated?
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Can Consulate Personnel as Individuals, & / or Consulate, be sued under Civil Law of "Receiving" Country by National-Visitor of that Consulate? [closed]

Possible Reasons for Suing : 1_ Defamation 2_ Terrorism ; Visitor felt "terrorized" by the behavior, incl. statements committed, through omission & / or by commission, by Personnel of their ...
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Is there a process for reversing refugee status once no longer necessary?

I'm a refugee of Dangerlandia, where my ethnic group was persecuted by a nation-wide ethnic cleansing effort, and I've been given refugee status in a European country, where I've been living for the ...
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If a person has only one citizenship can they renounce it? What will happen after that?

Just curious. If a person has only one citizenship can they renounce it? How? Is it even possible and what are the consequences?
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Suspect Interpol Case

I was working in Kuwait for last seven years..had left from there due to some managerial issues. I dont have any loan or debt outstanding in Kuwait. But i have been informed by a friend of mine that ...
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How to transport 1992 Enfield motorcycle from Goa(India) to London [closed]

I have changed my nationality from Indian to Portuguese and will be shifting to London shortly. I have a motorcycle out here (a 1992 Enfield Bullet motorcycle) which belonged to my dad. I would like ...
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French Citizenship and article 30-3 of the Civil Code

My father was born to a French woman but adopted shortly after birth by Americans. My father died young, before the expiration of the 50 year restriction mentioned in 30-3 of the civil code. I am only ...
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How to get temporary Permesso di Soggiorno?

I am renewing my Permesso di Soggiorno. I want to travel to Germany for Christmas vacation to visit my sister, but I'm waiting for the renewal of my Permesso di Soggiorno to be complete How to get ...
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Wills, when moving to another Common Law country

A few years ago, a family member of mine moved from England out to Australia, and has decided they'll be there for good now. Before they moved, they had made a Will in England, which at the time was ...
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Is it possible for my country's embassy to arrest me abroad?

I am a Syrian refugee who escaped the war! In my country I am considered an outlaw for doing this. I currently live in Romania and I need to visit the embassy to renew my Syrian passport as they ...
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Dying abroad, is anyone legally required to repatriate the body (under international law or common local laws)

Say someone dies abroad, in most cases the family would want to bury/cremate that person in the country of origin and the cost would be covered by insurance or themselves. But assuming repatriation is ...
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Returning goods bought online in Poland as foreigner

I am a Czech national living just at the Polish border. I want to buy a laptop online at Polish online store called The store offers the goods to be sent to a Polish post office for pickup ...
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Going back to the Netherlands with outstanding fines?

I am a Spanish citizen that lived in Amsterdam in 2010-12. While I was there I was accused of a crime which the "victim" said she was coerced into saying to the police, and they twisted her words. I ...
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Can a French national living in the US be tried twice for the same crime?

From, According to the French criminal code (code penal) every crime that is committed abroad by a French national is punishable in France. This has allowed the government to prosecute ...
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Where do you pay taxes, if you are doing work in international waters?

So you are traveling around the world in your through satellite connected sailing yacht. To finance your trip you blog and develop websites. Where is this work taxed? Is it tax free, or am I obliged ...
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