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Questions tagged [iran-citizens]

Citizens of the Middle Eastern country of Iran.

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Can a person with Iranian-German dual citizenship use her Iranian passport to apply for student visa in the Netherlands?

One of my Iranian friends has also obtained German citizenship. Now, she has two passports: an Iranian and a German. However, she wants to just use her Iranian passport to apply for student visa from ...
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Is there any immigration visa for poor Iranians?

Economy of Iran is under pressure. 30% of Iranian can not achieve a wealth meal per day. While many poor countries like African countries and south Asian countries traditionally are supported by ...
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Iranian seeking political asylum in Canada

I've been a political prisoner way back in my life, but I was living my life with many hardships that my background brought to me. However, recently the political climate in my country has been so ...
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How long does it take for a firm in the US to get an export license for an Iranian F1 student to work fulltime for the firm in the US via CPT or OPT?

I wonder how long it takes for a company in the US to get an export license for Iranian F1 student for them to be able to work fulltime for the company in the US via Curricular Practical Training (CPT)...
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Does an Iranian F1 student in the US need an export license to be able to work fulltime for a company in the US via Optional Practical Training (OPT)?

Does an Iranian citizen studying toward a PhD in the United States with an F1 visa need to obtain an export license (or some other paperwork in that spirit) to be able to work full-time for a company ...
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Back-to-back student visas for different countries (first Canada, then Australia, then US/UK)

I have a rather complicated question and would appreciate any help. (I will bolden the important and relevant parts to make it easier to follow.) I'm an international student currently studying at a ...
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EU Blue Card - Is there any difference/limitation on Blue Card issued from different countries?

I'm going to get a contract with a Romanian company for 2 yrs; they told me that I'm going to get a EU Blue Card. So I'm curious that: Is there difference/limitation between Blue Cards issued from ...
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Bringing Money to the US from a Foreign Country

I am an immigrant and I want to bring money from my country to the US. I know I have to declare the amount of money if it is more than $10,000, However I don't know the tax policy on my money. Do I ...
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British and Iranian couple moving to mainland Europe together. Easiest way to get a visa?

Note: I have increased the specifity of this question, as well as adding information which was not available when it was first asked. My partner and I would like to move to mainland Europe together. ...
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Getting Bulgarian Tourist Visa to apply for 'Citizenship by Investment'

I hold an Iranian passport. I live in Turkey on a one-year tourist visa. Besides, I have a minimum money to buy Bulgarian government bonds to get permanent residency leading to the citizenship (which ...
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What are the advantages you get for having a visa sponsor for immigration to Canada?

I'm from Iran and have a company sponsor a visa for me to work in Canada (Vancouver). Since Canada and Iran don't have diplomatic relations, the responsibility for applicants in Iran lies with their ...
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Can I board a flight to Canada without a passport?

I have an employer in Canada sponsor a visa for me so that I can go and work there as a skilled immigrant. In Iran, under certain circumstances which currently apply to me, you either have to give a ...
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Dublin Regulation - is there a way we can stay in Germany?

We were born in Iran. Then we decided to leave this country and start living in the EU. So we left Iran with a Tourist Schengen Visa to France. After two days we left France to Germany. We're here as ...
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