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Questions tagged [italian-citizens]

Questions regarding issues specific to citizens of Italy.

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Can an underage request Italian citizenship through italian ancestor?

In my team, we would like to sign a Brasilian player who is 15 yo. We discovered he has Italian grandmothers, so we would like to make him obtain Italian citizenship because it would be easier to ...
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Italian resident moving to Dubai

I am a British citizen, living in Italy, with Italian residency, and married to an Italian. We have three children together. I have been offered a job in Dubai with a two-year contract. Would I need ...
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Jure sanguinis - no marriage record for great-grandparents

I have reserached my path for Italian citizenship Jure sanguinis, and have discovered that my great-grandparents (who were born in Italy) were never legally married. My grandfather, their child, was ...
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I am a Italian and Australian citizein living and working in the UK. How will I be affected by brexit

I am a dual citizen of Australia and Italy. I am currently living and working in the Uk on my Italian citizenship. How will Brexit affect me and what do I need to do.
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Work visa required for Italy if married to an Italian Citizen?

I have dual citizenship, Australian and Italian, and I live in Australia. My husband is an Australian citizen and has been offered a job in Italy. It is to work in a movie for about 2 months. I will ...
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Following up on Italian citizenship

I applied for Italian citizenship early this year (around January). I was eligible to do so because of my Italian heritage. According to this document provided by the embassy, I should expect a ...
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