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Questions tagged [l1-visa]

A non-immigrant visa that allows international companies to relocate foreign employees to the United States for work.

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For the purposes of form 3299: DECLARATION OF FREE ENTRY OF UNACCOMPANIED ARTICLES, am I Emigrating to the US (on an L1 Visa?)

I'm moving the US on an L1 visa and currently trying to complete the paperwork to ship my personal effects over. I'm struggling to understand the correct answers for the following section of Form ...
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L1B visa interview : Getting hired with different team with Internal Transfer

My friend is planning to move to US. He attended interview with different team in same company and they are planning to file L1B visa. Question is what should be our answer for "What is your ...
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If I go abroad to study after obtaining permanent residency, how can I come visit my parents?

We are a family of 3, all Indian citizens. My father has come to the United States about 4 months ago on an L1 visa, and I as a minor child am on the L2 visa. We're probably going to live here for at ...
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Are there any implications if I receive Australia PR while I am in USA on L1B?

I am Indian passport holder and got L1B recently. I will be starting my new assignment soon. Few months ago, I applied for Australia PR (EOI). So what happens if I get the Australian PR invite while ...
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Can I go on a B1 visa to the US for a training while my L1 petition is being filed?

My L1 petition is being filed. Is it OK if I travel on a B1 visa to the US for the purpose of training?
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Can I switch job with active L1b but with an approved and dormant h1b?

I am currently working on L1b visa. I was selected and approved h1b this year. I have the h1b dormant but remained on L1b. I know that h1b allows me to switch jobs. With the dormant h1b can I change ...
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