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In NL do I need to pay back my salary if I'm leaving before end of month

I just resigned from a company (first month) and unfortunately they have paid me a full salary already. How is it supposed to be handled? In previous companies, it was a risk we were ready to take but ...
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Is a Dutch company obligated to pay me when visiting a client?

I am going in a business trip to visit a client that is in Utrecht ~170 Km away from my current company in Maastricht. I am going to stay there for the 2 days I need to showcase some demos and help ...
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What penalty would I incur if I violate the resignation notice period?

I want to resign after 6 years employment in Germany, in order to move back to my homeland. However, I cannot comply with the 3-months notice period. My contract states that: In case of ...
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Can a German company change my salary and job position after finishing an expat assignment?

I am working for a German company. This company sent me to the USA for several years, unluckily there has been a leadership change, and the new leader decided not to renew my expat assignment. In two ...
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Are Dutch companies obligated to pay employee's local transportation expenses?

A friend told me that there is a Dutch law obligate companies to handle the transportation expenses, Is that true or it is one of the company benefits and by agreement. Kindly if there is something ...
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Can my employer change the conditions of our verbal contract or cancel it even though we both agreed on starting day, salary and all conditions? [closed]

I applied for a managerial position, to which the job posting had been displayed online officially by the hotel company. I interviewed with the GM of the hotel and was offered a job right away, we ...
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Period of notice to quit job in Germany [closed]

I have a friend who is interested in quitting his full-time job in Germany. He has been working for a little over 1 year at 40 hours per week. How much notice must he give to his boss when he quits? ...
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"Minus hours" in Germany labour law

I was employed by a German company. They told me not to go to Germany on the first day of the contract, because they need time to find a project for me (they are selling developers to other companies)....
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