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On lease after visa expiration

I'm currently on a lease in the United States along with my fiance. Both our names are on the lease. I will leave the United States (because of visa expiration) before my lease term is up. My fiance ...
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How to go about leasing a car in Germany? [closed]

I will lease a car in Germany. What do I need in order to get it? What would be the procedures, documents needed? And last question is: I don't want to do any payment, of any percentage of the car. ...
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Can I return my Canadian leased Volkswagen car in USA?

I have Volkswagen car lease in Canada, which should finish soon. But now I live and work in US. Can I return car here to VW or I should go to Canada? Actually I asked in VW dealership, but they said ...
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Can I apply for a German registration certificate [Meldeschein] as a resident of a flat-share?

I'm a U.S. software developer looking to re-locate to Berlin. I will be seeking a limited residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) which requires a local registration (Meldeschein.) I understand that ...
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Why is it almost impossible to find a property in UK that accepts pets? [closed]

I've been looking for the last three weeks to get a place to rent in north Kent, as I have to move there for work, and it's impossible to find a property that accepts cats – I'm having two adorable ...
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Moving to Canada, what's the best way to break a lease in Illinois? [closed]

I'm moving to Canada on March 28 and my current lease in Illinois ends June 30. I let them know far in advance that the property would be vacant and the landlord has decided to sell the property so ...
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How to lease a car in the USA just after relocation?

Usually leasing requires you to have a credit history in US and establishing it takes at least a year. What options you have to lease the car without credit history in US but having employment here (...
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