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France Long Stay Visa Refusal

My visa for long stay in France has been refused stating: "the information provided to justify the purpose and conditions of the envisaged stay is incomplete and/or unreliable" I'm a ...
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Slovak "Long term residence EU" permit can stay in **any** EU country?

I hold a 10 year EU long-term residence permit (issued in Slovakia). I want to move to (and buy a house, and live in) France. Despite explaining my status, I have been recommended by a visa expert to ...
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Where to look for apartment for 6-month stay in Dubai?

I am expected to travel from USA to Dubai for 6 months later this year and would need an apartment for that time period. I found some options on AirBnB but wanted to check for other options/...
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Cross-border workers stay visa in Germany

There is so much info about cross-border workers. But I couldn't find an answer to my question yet. As a non-EU citizen, can I work in Luxembourg & live in Germany? The Internet says "Yes&...
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Have I applied for my Carte de Sejour incorrectly? Does having a long stay visa affect my application?

I am a UK citizen, married to a German citizen residing in France. I tried to apply for carte sejour earlier when I first joined him in April. But he did not have the required documents for employment ...
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France visa refusal and Appeal [duplicate]

As mentioned in my previous question, my France long-stay visa was refused (the reason for refusal was "risk to public order/public security/health") in Dec, 2022. My immigration consultant ...
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Income requirement for Columbian TP-7 visa

One source says proof of income three times Columbia's minimum wage/salary. That works out to under five hundred US dollars per month. says it's $717. "retire in the ...
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