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I'm sending my belongings by post from EU to UK ahead of moving. How to handle customs declaration? [duplicate]

I'm moving from France to UK soon and I wanted to send some of my belongings in a parcel to a friend ahead of time, so as to avoid having to travel with too many suitcases. When ordering the shipping (...
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Using moving boxes as checked luggage?

My wife and don't have much stuff that we want to bring with us when when move. As such I have determined that it would be best just to check an extra piece of luggage each with the airline when we ...
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How to take my belongings when moving to a new country?

I'll move from Brazil to Sweden, and therefore will take a LOT of luggage (desktop computer, clothes, notebook, etc.), that probably wouldn't fit in a single bag. What's the best way to take my ...
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Sending Excess Baggage and Personal Effects from France to USA

I am an Indian citizen and will be moving to the USA on an H1B visa in 2 weeks time. I will be sending excess baggage (personal effects and pre-packaged, dry Indian spices) via Per an ...
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Transporting a large number of books from USA to UK

I moved from USA to UK over 10 years ago, but I still have a large number of books left at my mom's house in the USA. My mom is planning to move from Massachusetts to California next year and is ...
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Bringing or shipping all my stuff

When one wants to move across the Atlantic, from France to the US, what is authorized and what are the options to bring in a lot of stuff? I am not talking about furniture but about large suitcases. ...
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