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Questions tagged [luxembourg]

Questions regarding emigrating from, immigrating to and living in Luxembourg

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Having German Blue card, working in Luxemburg, getting Germany permanent residence permit

I hold a German Blue Card and got a job offer from a company in Luxemburg. My question is that if I stay in Germany (Trier) and work in Luxemburg, can I finally get Germany permanent residence after 3 ...
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Can I live in Luxembourg and work for Portugal?

I am Portuguese and I have recently just moved to Luxembourg. I am planning on staying here for a while. However, I will be working remotely for a company that only has jurisdiction in certain ...
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May a non-EU citizen work in Luxembourg and be a German resident?

I am non-EU citizen working in Luxembourg with a valid Luxembourg work permit, but I would like to move to the German boarder (Trier) and commute every day to go to work. My question is: is it ...
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Study in Germany, live in Luxembourg

I am studying in Germany and will be married in December this year. My girlfriend currently works in Amazon Luxembourg and obtained a Blue Card. Me and my girlfriend are both non-eu citizens. After we ...
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Travel insurance (and flight tickets) for Long Term Schengen Visa

I am going to apply for a Long Term Schengen visa soon for a job I am going to start in Luxembourg. And I am unable to determine whether I need to get travel insurance or not. The VFS website says I ...
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Luxembourg citizen restricted from traveling abroad

This is purely theoretical question. Is it possible for a Luxembourg citizen to be restricted from traveling abroad, i.e. the person cannot leave Luxembourg borders? (like it is the case for certain ...
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Work permit for spouse of EU Blue card holder in Luxembourg

My wife will be joining a company for work in Luxembourg soon and she will get an EU Blue Card. I will also be applying for a residence permit and assume that I will also qualify for a blue card by ...
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Can I live in France and pay social security in Luxembourg?

I am Luxembourgish freelancer and I'm working at home as a programmer.I'd like to go live in France (Lorraine) where accommodation is much cheaper than here. So I am wondering: Can I continue ...
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Cheap apartments in Luxembourg

I've been offered a position in Luxembourg (University) for one year and I'm in the process to find a house there. I've surfed from site to site and the prices for just one room in a shared apartment ...
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