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Can I enter 1 week and a half before expiration of I-94?

I have a tn visa and I'm planning to travel to Mexico for christmas and I would be returning in January. My I-94 expires 12 days after. I'm planning in applying for an extension (I-129) one day after ...
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As a US citizen with Mexican parents, what steps do I need to take to become a Mexican citizen?

I was born in Oregon after my parents moved from Mexico. Do I need any documentation, and if so, what, to prove that I have parents who are Mexican? If I go to the Mexican consulate in Portland, do ...
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Probable issues when exiting Schengen area on expired residence permit

Coming here from my question on travel.stackexchange My girlfriend is a Mexican passport holder. She studied in Netherlands for her masters and she possesses a residence card/permit from The ...
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How should a request letter from employer look like

I am a Mexican citizen and have a job offer from a US company. I was wondering how a request letter from my employer (so I can take it to my visa application interview) should look like. Will the ...
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What is the proper visa for a Mexican citizen to work along with husband in the US?

I am a US citizen living with my Mexican wife in Mexico. We have no plans to live in the US, but much of my work is there. We would like to be able to legally work together in US, but work visas ...
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An EEA returning to original country does "EU law" or "Domestic law" for Family Reunification

My wife is German, we have been living in Mexico (I am Mexican) and she got a job in Belgium. As we understand: in our case, Family Reunification will be governed by "EU law" since she is an EEA ...
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I-130 or Fiance petition

Is it faster for a U.S citizen to get married in Mexico and then do the I-130, or to go through a Fiancé(e) petition?
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2 answers

What is the best way (quickest) for an American Citizen to get a Mexican spouse to the United States?

I am a US citizen, my wife is a Mexican citizen. We got married in Mexico and have a marriage certificate. We have been hearing different ideas from different people. Some say to do a tourist visa and ...
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Can I apply for a student visa in Italy?

I am a Mexican student that will do an exchange to Italy. Can I apply for a student visa when I am in Italy? Applying for it in Mexico will result in a delay of my arrival.
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