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Finding out my UK National Insurance Number

I am turning 65 in April 2023. I worked in the UK until I was 40 I am a UK citizen. I now live in USA. I have forgot my NIN. How do I find this out ad I think I may be entitled to some portion of my ...
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Can I register national insurance number without an address nor using a business one?

I am an EU national and have an EU-registerd company. I will be coming to the UK to do some long-term contracts. Problem is I will not be staying in one place for long, so I will have no long-term ...
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National Insurance Number UK from abroad

I am a Polish citizen and currently UCL student. I will move to UK in next 2 weeks and I want to set up the appointment before moving there. Is it possible to do it now from Poland or I have to wait ...
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Getting a bank account without a Norwegian fødselsnummer

The process of applying for a Norwegian fødselsnummer can take quite a while. At the same time, everything in Norway is paid by credit card which you cannot get without a bank account which in return ...
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What happens to my saved Canadian pension funds when my SIN expires?

The Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN) is used, among others, by the Canadian Pensions Plan (CPP). My social insurance number is a temporary one, as I am a temporary resident of Canada (work ...
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Does a Swedish personal number expire?

I'm a Dutch citizen who has previously lived in Sweden for six years, but I have since moved on. The Swedish version of what is called social security number, social insurance number, government ...
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