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The National Health Service. As of 2015, some visa applicants are required to pay a surcharge to cover and costs incurred from using the NHS.

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NHS eligibility?

First post here. Have a somewhat tricky situation and would appreciate any advice. I was born in the UK in 1997, and moved to Australia with my family in 2004. Long story short, I am going on ...
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My name is wrong on the NHS COVID Pass

They basically just cut out a piece of my first name. I've only found this reference on how to correct it, but it refers to the NHS app, which I can't install on my phone unless I change the country ...
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NHS debt and Tier 4 visa

I have been visiting the UK to take a few short courses ( On short term student visas) once a year and I would go to my GP to perform some blood tests every now and then. They never charged me as they ...
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