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Questions regarding issues specific to citizens of Nigeria.

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Lost identification documents and don’t know what to do

So I’m 19 and I have no identification at all I’m from Nigeria but I came over to the U.K. when I was 5 and lived here since I had a leave to remain and a biometrics card but lost that so literally I ...
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UK spouse visa priority service

My wife lives in Nigeria and is applying for a spouse visa as I am British and live in the UK. She has been refused a UK visa in the past, but later got a tourist visa, which is still valid. Will ...
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EEA Family permit online application

I am Nigerian and my son is Irish and goes to school in a UK boarding house. He is 16 and just started his A levels in September 2019. My husband and I are have been his carers since he was born, and ...
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When Is the right time to seek Nationality

Am from Nigeria and a refugee in France with 10 years permit.... When is it ok to seek for Nationality... Am spending 5years plus in France now
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Removed from UK in 2014

I am a Nigerian and I went to the UK on a Tier 4 student visa in 2010. I got married to an EU citizen before the expiration of my visa in 2013 but the UKBA established that it was a sham marriage and ...
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Tier 4 dependent Visa

I am a student with a Tier 4 visa. I just had a baby in the UK. Can I apply for my baby dependent visa here in the UK or do I have to go back to my country to apply for her visa? My husband is not ...
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Titre de sejour

I am a Nigerian citizen and I came to France illegally. I was refused asylum. For five years now I have being renewing my one year card. I want to get the ten years card. The law said if you have ...
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