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Questions regarding emigrating from, immigrating to and living in Peru

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As a Peruvian, can I apply for a USA visitors visa from outside of my home country?

I'm Peruvian, and all the appointments for a US visitor visa in the embassy here in Peru have been taken, and I heard there are no more available dates until mid-2024. Is it possible that I can apply ...
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Can I travel with an expired German resident card?

I have been living in Germany since 2010 with a permanent residence card, which must be renewed every 2 years. My passport expired in August, so the same happened with my residence card, because of ...
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How to bring my girlfriend permantly to Spain without getting married?

I've been reading some posts related but I'm still not quite sure, so I'll just throw my question. I have dual nationality (Peruvian and Spanish). I have been living in Spain for 6 years and have a ...
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Work permit for Peru

I asked this question about Argentina but I am now more likely to settle in Peru. I'm living in the UK as a self-employed/freelancer working for remote clients. Question: what are the requirements ...
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