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Questions regarding issues specific to citizens of Portugal.

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Apply for Portuguese citizenship from India?

My father had a Portuguese citizenship. I am a full-time student in India. Can I and my brother claim or acquire Portuguese citizenship through my father?
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Can I travel to the UK from Dubai with a Portuguese passport but without surrendering my Indian passport?

Two years ago I had applied for Portuguese citizenship (As my father is a Portuguese citizen by descent) while I was in Goa. Then I traveled to the UAE with a visa on my Indian passport. After being ...
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Child born to Portugese and Indian parents in the UK

How to obtain a visa for a child born in the UK to Portuguese and Indian parents so to facilitate them to return to India and re-enter the UK?
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Moving to Florida to live with my fiancé

I'm a Portuguese citizen and I'm moving to USA, Florida to live and get married to my US fiancé. What do I need to get into the country? As far as I understood I can request for a Fiancé visa. Am I ...
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Can I put a Portuguese address on a UK driving license?

Can I put a Portuguese address on a UK driving license?
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Moving from Portugal to the UK

I'm a portuguese software developer and I have the opportunity to work in the UK, more specifically in the south, around Southampton. Here's some info: I have a wife and kid (18 months old) and my ...
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