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Best way to move $100k+ from France to US?

I'm planning a real estate purchase in the US and will need to move $100k+ from multiple accounts I own in France to the US. Can someone advise on the best way to do this to minimize fees and delays? ...
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Spanish rental laws - scammed?

We've rented an apartment in Catalonia and have now decided to move out after a gruesome four months. A lawyer has now told us that we need to pay upwards of €7000 to get out of the contract before it ...
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Do I lose my properties in China if I give up Chinese citizenship?

I'm a Chinese citizen by birth. My parents left their property (including houses and saving accounts) to me, which are all under my name. I'm now living in Canada and considering applying for Canadian ...
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Can I buy real estate in the US and get a visa?

I have no US visa and have never been to the USA, but I want to buy real estate and emmigrate there. I would like to know what process I need to obtain residency in the USA. If I acquire real estate ...
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