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3 answers

UK EEA Family permit refused for spouse - reapply or appeal

My wife applied for EEA family permit for coming to join me in UK. She is from India and I also lived in India before coming to UK. I acquired my Portuguese nationality and then came to UK in July ...
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2 answers

Travelling for work and refused entry to Germany

I need some help urgently. I am from Mauritius and I have a permanent job confirmed in Dusseldorf, Germany. I have contract and confirmation letter from the company and some other documents from them....
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Under which clause can I get back Australian Visa application fee if SkillSelect or ASC calculated my points wrong?

I have applied for Australian visa 189 first assessing agency is ACS (Australian Computer Society) which assessed me as suitable for migration Then I have submitted all the paperwork (IELTS, ACS ...
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My UK Tier 2 visa was refused, the visa office states I did not send a letter from UK NARIC, but I did. What should I do?

I had submitted an application for a Tier 2 visa on August 24th 2018. On September 12th, I got an email from the UK decision centre, asking me to submit within 10 working days a letter from UK NARIC ...
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Appeal to erase French visa refusal

As mentioned in my previous question, I had a France long-stay visa refusal (the reason for refusal was "risk to public order/public security/health") in Dec, 2022. My immigration consultant ...
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I made a mistake in choosing the type of visa I applied to and it causes to the risk of being banned from the UK

I'm Russian, living in Russia. My boyfriend is Italian and lives in London, UK. We've been together for 2.5 years. In December, 2016, I got a 6 month standard visitor visa with a purpose of attending ...
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UK student visa refusal

I was recently refused twice for a Tier 4 student visa. In the first application, my step-father had provided all the required documents for proof of money. However, our connection was doubted and, ...
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Germany work visa with drunk driving conviction

I am an IT professional with specialization in DevOps. I am offered a permanent position in a German software firm at their Berlin office. They are willing to sponsor my VISA and relocation along with ...
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France long stay student visa refusals

I have applied three times for a student visa and each time was refused for the same reasons: you have not provided sufficient evidence to enable the consular authority that your stay in France for ...
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Can I apply again for a student visa after a refusal?

I had an interview about 2 years back for the student visa for the USA from Nepal. At the time, I trusted the consultancy and it gave me the I-20 telling me that I am admitted to the college and went ...
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