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Is a residence permit (but not working permit) still valid after being laid off in Germany (US citizen)?

A friend of mine (US citizen) in Berlin was just laid off after 9 days on the job. It was not performance-related, as the company is quite obviously struggling and let go of many people on the same ...
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Entry into the UK with Article 10 EU residence card

I'm a UK citizen and my wife is non EU. We are currently in Spain and undergoing the residency process. Eventually ( probably after 6 to 9 months' of self-sufficiency in Spain) we will come to the UK ...
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3 votes
2 answers

EEA Family permit and UK referendum [duplicate]

My wife was recently granted an EEA FP but it is valid from the 21st of June she is only able to get a flight to the UK for the 23rd. If the UK leave the EU will it be a problem for her to get a ...
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Residence Card, proving dependency and health insurance

My husband and I have been in the UK for more than a year studying a masters. My husband just got a job and has Italian passport (I am a non-EU), therefore i was thinking of applying for a residence ...
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Study in Germany, live in Luxembourg

I am studying in Germany and will be married in December this year. My girlfriend currently works in Amazon Luxembourg and obtained a Blue Card. Me and my girlfriend are both non-eu citizens. After we ...
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What happens to my German residence permit if I renounce my citizenship? Would it affect my ability to get permanent residence later on?

If I renounce my citizenship for my home country (to become stateless person) while having a residence permit from Germany that I applied using my passport from the very same country, would my ...
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