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How to get a France Connect account for a non-French national living abroad?

A Polish friend of mine worked for a few years in France and is now back in Poland. He is retired and receives a French pension for the time he worked in France. It is becoming increasingly difficult ...
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Is it practical for a retired U.S. citizen to live part-time outside the U.S. without having a permanent residence in the US?

I am a retiree who is considering living part-time outside the US in one or more Schengen zone countries over the next several years. I would stay less than 90 days each visit in the Schengen zone, ...
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Jamaica: Permanent residence vs. Unconditional landing

"Unconditional Landing" is a stamp placed in a foreign passport that allows the holder to remain in Jamaica, unconditionally.  The fee to apply is JM$10,000 (currently about US$65). Renewal ...
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