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Questions regarding saving money for retirement.

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Pole emploi refused my ARE benefits

I have been working for past few years in France. I have paid social security and taxes during that time. I did not have a problem when I was hired or paid taxes. When I applied for ARE, pôle emploi ...
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VBLklassik vs VBLextra

I am a national of one of the EU countries (not Germany), currently working at one of the German universities. As such, part of my salary goes to VBL, which is (if I understand correctly) an ...
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As a Kiwi living in Aus who may move back, how does one transfer super?

My understanding is a law change a few years back allows Kiwis and Aussies to transfer superannuation funds between the countries. If I have Super in NZ, and now Super in Aus - if I move back to NZ, ...
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Do any Schengen countries allow for residence of foreign pensioners?

A relative of mine who is a non-EU citizen is about to retire with considerable savings. He would like to settle down somewhere within Europe (the Schengen area). Do any Schengen countries allow ...
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Younger partner inclusion on a Thai retirement visa

Can my "underage" partner be included in a retirement visa for Thailand? If so, how do I go about doing this?
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Transfer pension from UK to Germany

I have just moved to Berlin, Germany, due to my work and at the past I have been working in the UK for 2 years. There seem to be ignorance about this topic from the people that I have asked, so here ...
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Nomad living - Moving retirement funds between many countries?

I have a bit of an unusual work lifestyle. I'm constantly moving between countries. I've been living and working so far in Brazil, Germany, Czech Republic, the UK, Canada and now I'm moving to ...
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Is a 401k a good choice for somebody with an L1 visa?

Is opening a 401k in the US a good choice for somebody moving to under an L1 Visa (max time: 5 years) for a few years? I imagine that if you go the green card route, this is a no brainer, but if that ...
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Is it possible to join two Italian retirement funds?

If I move to Italy and I work there for some years with a "contratto a progetto" (also called or I will have my retirement fund in "gestione separata", then if I find a permanent ...
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Is it possible to transfer my pension out of a UK fund, and if so, how to go about it?

I worked for several years for a UK company, and have a corresponding amount of pension in their pension scheme. Now it looks like I'm pretty unlikely to return (and even if I do, it's a pain to have ...
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Moving of retirement funds from Italy to Austria

I've migrated from Italy to Austria. I don't trust Italy and I would prefer to migrate the money I have in my retirement fund in italy to austria. Is it that possible in EU? Another option could be ...
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In the EU is it possible to ask to transfer money from retirement funds from one country to the other? (Italy -> Austria) [duplicate]

In Italy there are two statal retirement funds: Gestione ordinaria Gestione separata Is it possible to move all the contributes I've payed to the second one from Italy to Austria? This is the ...
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