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Reimburse of Social Taxes like Insurance , Pensions in Germany

I am a software engineer. If I worked for 5 years in Germany and have to move back to my home country, then can I get back the Social taxes (like pension, health insurance, etc...) deducted form my ...
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60 votes
10 answers

How to match EU income to US salary?

I'm a software engineer in Europe, and my firm is about to offer me a position in the US to bring up a team (In San Francisco or New York, it's still not decided yet)… Looking at the job market in ...
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How does $60,000 salary in Sweden translates to salary in Seattle (US)?

I'm an Asian working in IT field in Sweden. I earn around $60,000 (before taxes). If I have salary of around $80,000 (before taxes) in Seattle, would it give same living quality or is it a bad salary ...
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