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Skilled Worker Visa: Teaching Assistant

I want to be a teaching assistant in the UK and therefore apply for the Skilled Worker Visa in the UK. Does anyone know how much I would have to earn if I am at the start of my career and under 26 to ...
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Approx net postdoc salary in Netherlands

I’m planning to move to NL for a postdoc position. My gross monthly salary will be 3703 euros and I’m pretty sure I’ll qualify for the 30% tax ruling. I’m unmarried and so will be moving there alone. ...
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Temporary job agency in Berlin, Germany to receive salary from USA

I would like to know if there is some sort of "temporary job agency" in Berlin, Germany (not too sure if that is the correct term) that could sort out the wage payment from the USA. My wife ...
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Indices about cost of living and income in Germany

I am searching for cost of living or consumer price index for German cities. I know Numbeo and others but it doesn't cover all Germany. And also the average income (disposable or gross). I hope to ...
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