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What are common Swedish attitudes towards sexual relationships with large age gaps? [closed]

Because the age of consent in Sweden is 15, I assumed that it reflected a “sexually liberal” general culture in which there was a social consensus that it is ok for someone of at least 15 years of age ...
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Any active business network community in KL Malaysia? [closed]

I have been KL for 6 months now. I could not network through out work due to my hectic work schedule, setting up the new team and work location changing few times etc. I barely have no connection no ...
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Where to meet "westernized" Thais in Thailand? [closed]

I moved to Bangkok about 5 months ago and started using Tinder for going on dates and potentially finding a partner. Initially it seemed great and I had high hopes, but after 7-8 dates or so I ...
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What is better choice living place or salary in Sydney? [closed]

I have a dilemma I have been given two offers of work one in CBD and other one in Hornsby both Sydney. I have a brother living in CBD so there for I would stay at first at his place, the time distance ...
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How important is knowing German in Germany?

I was recently speaking to a German about learning the language, and he said not to bother – whether planning a permanent move or only a short visit, you can get by just fine, as everyone there speaks ...
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Activities in Vancouver for my visiting sister

I am an expatriate in Vancouver, BC, Canada (PhD candidate at UBC). I would like to invite my little sister to spend a summer (probably in 2016) with me and my wife at Vancouver. My little sister is ...
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How to meet/deal with people when you are from a “special” country?

I am having a problem, big problem. I am from Syria, and as you know, nowadays all the media is on Syria and what's going on there. Now, I am in Europe, I am not refugee at all, I work to support ...
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How can I not be afraid when my appearance is different from the locals?

I am Asian, and I have lived in the UK for one year now. There have been a few occasions where I met some young people sneering at me. This has happened to my wife as well, when she was out with the ...
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How to decide between meeting expats versus assimilation? [closed]

I looked at Meeting other expats when you move to a new country? and thought the goal of an expat may be just the opposite: instead of binding yourself with the citizens of your own country/culture/...
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Meeting locals, when you move to a new country?

If you're moving somewhere new, and want to meet other expats, then we've got a great question on how to meet other expats when you move to a new country. Alongside that though, you might want to meet ...
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Meeting other expats when you move to a new country?

When you move to a new country, you'll probably want to make some local friends. However, you may well also want to make friends with some other expats, both from your own country or others. Partly ...
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