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All questions related to working in startups, or founding a startup as an expat.

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What kind of visa should i get to participate in UK entrepreneurship programs?

I am a citizen of Iran. I like to participate in some UK startup programs like this It's a 4 months program, that individuals can participate and find a co-founder to establish ...
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What type of visa should I get to participate in startup programs in Germany?

I am from Asia and want to participate in startup programs in Germany*. What type of visa should I get? I also like to know if my proposal is accepted in an accelerator/incubator, what kind of visa do ...
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Can I keep H1B status if my employer cannot pay me because the company runs out of money?

First, the story is: I'm currently working at a start up company A, and our company has run out of funding and cannot run the payroll after Nov 30, 2016. It has been two month till now. I recently ...
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Can I own shares in a company while under a study permit in Canada and can the company sponsor or assist me in getting a PR? [closed]

Is it possible for me to own shares in a company as an international student on study permit? The majority of the shares will owned be by a Canadian resident. Also can this help me get a PR through ...
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Moving abroad for few years, maybe working on a start-up - which countries have reasonable costs of living and good IT infrastructure? [closed]

I'm an IT guy who would like to take some time off work, leave UK (and EU) and spend some time somewhere else. I'd like to work on my own projects/ideas, or just work on open source projects and spent ...
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How can I work on my own startup on H1b visa without green card?

Here's the situation: I have been in the US for ~8 years (4 years on H1b) and I want to Incorporate or create a LLC either in my name, or be a sole stake holder /partner in the company with an XYZ ...
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