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Living in Switzerland as an expatriate

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5 votes
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Live in Germany, work in Switzerland as non-EU/EEA national

I want to live in Germany with my wife (same nationality as me), but work in Switzerland (and stay in a flat in Zürich) during the week. I know I will need a Grenzgänger (cross border commuter) ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Moving into Switzerland in a shared house before finding a job

I am a French citizen, and I plan to move into Switzerland in order to get a job as a software engineer. I already started looking for opportunities; no contract is secured yet. The situation is a ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is the spouse of a UN officer in Geneva able to take employment in Switzerland?

In general, is the foreign spouse of a foreign UN officer stationed in Geneva permitted to take employment in Switzerland? If so, is the permission automatic or must one apply for it? I have tried to ...
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Leaving Switzerland during studies, EU citizen

Cross-post from travel.SE because I was asked to: I'm an EU citizen, and study in Zurich, Switzerland. I'm enrolled for the following semester. My housing lease is expiring and I haven't managed to ...
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