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We are going abroad for a few years, how best to store our stuff

We are planning on living a digital nomad life for a couple of years. However we have a bunch of stuff (books[lots/expensive], clothes, electronics) we wish to keep, but not carry with us. We have ...
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How common is life insurance with tech jobs in Canada?

I need to get an idea of how common it is for tech jobs in Canada to offer life insurance policies. I know from experience that, in the US, this is a really common thing, but I haven't been able to ...
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4G on an unlocked US phone in South Korea?

I am by no means an early adopter. I tend to things and use them until they are no longer salvageable. I'm also a US expat living in South Korea. When I first moved to South Korea three years ago, I ...
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Am I eligible to migrate as skilled worker?

I am 28 years old, Brazilian and I graduated last year (February 2013, to be more exactly) as a Bachelor in Computer Science. I'm reading about the migration process and I want to migrate to Australia ...
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Is using a VPN or DNS service to get around region-blocked media content allowed if you want to watch media content from home? [closed]

Services like netflix, BBC iPlayer or uitzending gemist apply region block in their streaming services. These blockages are easily ignored with either a VPN or a DNS located in a country where the ...
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