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Seeking virtual office & phone number in Eswatini

As an Australian I'm in the process of setting up a company in Eswatini. Does anyone know of virtual office providers, and virtual phone providers with Eswatini numbers?
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U.S. expat in Korea trying to use Bank of America online banking

I need to access my BoA account, but they require calling their number for a security code (I have been able to get away with this because my phone was registered as a secure device prior to their ...
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Bank of America: solve the requirement for US phone number and address

I have a bank account in Bank of America, which I was maintaining while I was living there, but I have moved to Europe since about 8 years. The bank account still has some active balance, so I would ...
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Has Mexico (+52) stopped using the 01/02/044/045 phone number dialing codes?

The Wiki page for Mexican phone numbers: and the translation of this site linked from it:
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Australian immigration best contact number

Has anyone got a correct number to call for Australian citizenship enquiries? I am trying 0061 261 960196, as per the Australian website, but I keep getting the response: This service can not be ...
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Telephone etiquette in the UK

How are averagely polite phone conversations supposed to go in the UK? What I am used to from abroad goes something like this: me (picks up phone): Hullo? caller: Good time of day! I am A B calling ...
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How to know ahead of time the price of a call via Google Voice from the US to France for a `+338` number?

I live in the US and sometimes have to call French phone numbers. Numbers starting with +331 or +339 are landlines, but I'm facing issues with +338 numbers: How can I know ahead of time the price of a ...
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Navigating Capital One's two factor SMS authentication from outside the United States

I have been facing the following problem/issue for some time, but don't yet have a solution. Of the face of it, it's a relatively trivial issue. And maybe I'm making it more complicated or difficult ...
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Getting a phone number in Sweden without having a personnummer

Is there a way to get a swedish mobile phone number while in Sweden without having a personnummer? I will be moving there soon and I was going to send some of my stuff with Eurosender, but apparently ...
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Will a (landline) phone bought in France work in Germany?

I have a landline phone bought in France. It comes with two connectors. I believe the first follows some common standard and the second is exclusively French. Will this phone work in Germany? Are ...
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Getting a mobile phone contract in Austria

I am new to Austria, having arrived in Vienna 2 months ago. I would like an Austrian SIM for my mobile phone, but don't understand how to go about getting the best deal, which for me seems to be a SIM ...
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What are the minimum cell phone specs needed to work in UK? [closed]

I am planning on buying a cell phone soon in the US. Preferably, I would want a phone that has dual SIM card slots and quad frequency capability (850/900/1,800/1,900 MHz). Is this all I need hardware-...
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What is best time to call Australian immigration call center?

I wanted to get in touch with Australian immigration on +61131881 (office based in Australia Canberra) in regards to my work visa application. I called on Monday ~1pm (Australian time - AEDT +11 hours)...
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How do visitors apply for a sim card in the U.S.? [closed]

I am going to Washington DC in a few weeks, I want to know how can one obtain a phone sim card in the US? Can I get from the nearest store? or do I have to go to the telecom company?
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Cheapest way to receive Singaporean SMS overseas

I no longer live in Singapore; however, I occasionally use some services (mostly banking) that require a Singaporean number for text message verification. What's the cheapest way I can retain a ...
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State of cell phone providers in France

I am moving to France soon and one of the first things I'll need to do is get a phone number. I am looking for a short overview of the state of mobile phone service providers in France so I can make ...
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Keeping a US phone number

I'll be abroad for a few years and I want to keep my mobile number till I come back. What would be the least expensive way to do this?
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4G on an unlocked US phone in South Korea?

I am by no means an early adopter. I tend to things and use them until they are no longer salvageable. I'm also a US expat living in South Korea. When I first moved to South Korea three years ago, I ...
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Keeping your US Phone Number

Planning to move to Europe in the next year. Is it possible for me to keep my internet phone that I have in the US with some reasonable level of service (no dropping of conversation, no delay in ...
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Using a Pay As You Go mobile phone in the UK [closed]

I just moved to the UK from the USA. In the USA I only used Tracfones. They were cheap and easy to use. There was no fuss. After arriving in the UK I purchased a Nokia 105 pay-as-you-go phone. In ...
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Mobile carriers in France and how they work across the EU

I am planning to move to France and I am a bit curious, how do cellular carriers/networks operate in the European Union? If I have a mobile from Orange, will it stop working once I leave France? Is it ...
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What all Internet voice chat applications work in Oman (Preferably free)? [closed]

Oman currently blocks Skype, Facetime, Viber and a lot of other VOIP applications. Google hangouts works sporadically. Anyone have a good and free voice chat application which is not blocked? I do not ...
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Making it easier for family to call from the US to the UK

My American extended family is pretty clueless about making international calls. It seems that buying an international phone card and/or figuring out country codes is just too much for them. What can ...
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