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Issues with translating official or important documents to/from official languages.

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Do ALL documents need to be translated & notarised for the Spanish Digital Nomad visa?

I am applying for the recently created Digital Nomad visa for Spain. At the bottom of the page it states (emphasis mine): SWORN TRANSLATIONS AND LEGALISATIONS All documents must be translated into ...
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Do you need a Canadian certified translator for permanent residence applications?

The instructions for sponsoring a spouse or dependent for permanent residence in Canada state the following about the submitted documents: Translation of documents You must include the following ...
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International Inheritance

Going through an international inheritance and need certified documents, including apostilles translated from English to Spanish. How does one get this completed/by who?
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What are the requirements to translate documents?

According to the website, If you submit any documents (copies or original documents, if requested) in a foreign language, you must include a full English translation along with a certification from ...
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Greencard application: Translation of Civil Documents: How?

I have successfully filled out my DS-260 and now I have to upload a bunch of "Civil Documents". Some of them are in my native language (German), such as: Birth Certificate Military Records ...
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Do I need to have trivial, unimportant information translated in documents in UK visa application? (EEA Family Permit)

My wife (Filipino) and I (British) are planning to move to the UK after living in Spain for the last four years. We are applying for an EEA Family Permit, more commonly known as the 'Surinder Singh' ...
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Registration in Germany with an English marriage certificate

My wife joined me last week here in Germany with a family reunion visa. We have an appointment at the district office (Bezirksamt) this week so she can register. The marriage certificates we have are ...
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Sworn translation of latest obtained diploma

I need a sworn French translation of my latest diploma, but from my understanding that translation companies in the US are not "sworn" translations. How should I go about getting my diploma translated?...
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Traslation of Marriage Certificate in Italy

I have just received my apostilled marriage certificate from South Africa and here in Italy the local authorities (Comune) says it needs to be translated as well. The marriage Certificate is required ...
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Having trouble understanding a section of my rental contract in Dutch

I am about to rent house and I received the contract but I don't understand one of points even after translate it, so I hope someone explain this to me. Deze overeenkomst is aangegaan voor een ...
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Hong Kong Visa: official translation of documents?

Applying for a Job Visa in Hong Kong, should I provide an official translation of all my french official documents required for the application (diplomas in particular) ? Nothing is indicated on the ...
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Resources to translate official French documents (diplomas, birth certificate, etc.) into English

When filing visa applications in the United States, one sometime needs to provide certified translations of official documents from the country of birth. Is there any online resources that would give ...
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