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Apostille for UK Skilled Worker Visa

I am about to apply for a UK Skilled Worker Visa from Italy. I need to provide criminal record documents corresponding to my time in Italy and another non-EU country I have lived for more than 12 ...
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My permessso will expire while I am in the UK. I am not an EU citizen but I have a green Turkish passport

I am a student in Italy. I am planing to go to the UK for nye and Christmas and my permesso will expire while I am there. I have my permesso appointment receipt and I have my English visa too. I am ...
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Renouncing your citizenship but the government doesn't accept; can you still get a stateless person passport from Germany?

I'm just curious: It is been claimed here that the requirement of having renounced your current citizenship to get German citizenship can be accomplished by simply applying to your current government ...
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Can't renounce my citizenship due to being a deserter; can I apply for a German citizenship?

I'm a Turkish citizen who is studying in Germany for the last 5 years. As you might not know, in Turkey, there is compulsory military service for every men. But, I don't want to do it (I don't even ...
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Ex-EEA family member biometric card holder after Brexit

After a divorce with an EU national , Ive applied to retain my rights for residence and been granted a 5 year valid Biometric Residence card by UK Home office. The card I was sent is a residence card ...
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Turkish ex-national currently living in Germany without citizenship anywhere [closed]

To explain the title: due to former political activity opposing the Erdogan administration, my Turkish citizenship has now been withdrawn. I was aware of the looming danger of this happening, for ...
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New Turkish Driving Licence is it valid in Denmark? [closed]

According to many Turkish recourses (more official source) new Turkish Driving Licence is valid in many countries also Denmark . But when I check Danish resources they say Turkey is in Group 2 ...
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Can I buy a car in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and take it to Turkey? [closed]

As a Turkish citizen, would I be able to buy, insure, and register a car in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq? Luxury vehicles (and the petrol/gasoline prices) are much less expensive there than in Turkey. ...
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importing a car from Spain to Georgia (country)

for example, a turkish citizen living in georgia (country) will import a car from Spain to georgia (country). the car will come via Hungary to have the Hungarian export registration number plates ...
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Can you buy a car in Spain as a non-resident?

For example, a Turkish citizen buys a Spanish-registered car in Spain, but he is a non-resident of Spain. Is it possible to register the car on the bearer's Turkish passport? Can the Turkish citizen ...
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Unpaid internship visa in Germany for non-EU citizen

I have an internship offer from a tiny software company in Germany. I am from Turkey, so it's not in the EU. I am a university student. The internship is unpaid, and for 6 months. I am not eligible ...
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